Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautiful Lahori Girl Nafisa Simple and Cute

Few people say that most of the lahori girls are beautiful and cute when compared to other parts of pakistan. Here is Nafisa’s photo, a beautiful pakistani girl from Lahore. But there are still discussions about on who is beautiful, Pakistani Girls or Indian Girls. But we need to mention about Punjab girls, they are sexy and beautiful, and not to exclude Multan girls and Kashmir girls. Pakistani women hardly seen in the public view are Sindhi girls because of their feudal style and culture. The hidden beauties are Pathan girls and Afghan girls, but very rarely seen, as you all know because of the very strict Shariat Laws and Burqas. Like Pathan girls and Sindhi girls, Balochi girls are not seen too in the daily life because of their tribal culture and traditions. Karachi is the hottest destinations of paki babes, as Karachi is a cosmopolitan, multi ethnic and a multi faith city. Karachi girls are a composition of all mixed culture and babes from all places of pakistan. Karachi girls are sexy and hot. The above pic is a Paki Chick Nafisa from Lahore. Lahore Girls are too damn hot and good.


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