Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani fashion is one of the most well known trend and the most exotic activities in Pakistan. Among them is dhanak fashions, which is a successful pakistani fashion boutique with latest pakistani fashion trends offering unique designs. Pakistan is one of the few countries, where women’s dresses are diverse, colorful and beautiful. It reflects their culture and tradition. The best renowned are the Salwar Khameez and saree. Salwar Khameez are also known as Chudidhar or Chudi, are simple but elegant. Pakistani girls shine their personality with the latest pakistani fashion boutique, as the fashion trend in pakistan changes every few weeks, so naturally women fall in love with the latest trend every week and moving forward to loving another beautiful pakistani women wear the next week.

Pakistani weddings and festivals are the display of the hottest new pakistani fashion trends, where girls and women dress colorful with beautiful and attractive clothes. The hight quality embroidery with glassworks, beads, shells, thead, thin wire and sequins depicts the true culture of the east. Pakistani women dresses comes out in a variety of desings and patterns. They are usually worn match and mix.

The pakistani design industry conducts fashion shows, with some of the well-known models in the industry like Ayesha, Bibi, Eruj, Iffat Rahim on the ramp – long isle in cat walk. many people from other countries too love pakistani fashion.


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